A Gutsy Girl's school is for those looking to feel better without gas, bloat, constipation, and/or diarrhea.

After going on a decade+ long journey to heal her own gut and learn every last thing about healing it through diet and lifestyle, A Gutsy Girl is here to teach you how you can do the same.

"My life has changed because of you. I am very grateful! Keep it up – we are all becoming smarter because of you."

- Melinda P.

Hi, I’m Sarah Kay Hoffman - aka A Gutsy Girl

I'm here for you.

It's simple. Actually, it's very simple. I went on a decade+ long journey healing my gut. Today I believe that it should have never taken that long and I do not want it to take that long for you.

And so, I am here to teach you everything I know to help get you from point A (gas, bloat, constipation, diarrhea) to point B (healed) as quickly as possible.